Welcome to JabberStruts

We are developing a Struts-based J2EE web client for the Jabber instant messaging platform.

We'll follow some of eXtreme Programming principles, mainly to convince ourselves of its benefits and continue using that approach for future projects.

The milestones will be the dates when each iteration ends. We'll try to define as many as possible, with few new features.
The deliverables will be discussed by all project members. So, if you'd like to join us, you'll be able to participate in all kind of decisions regarding the project. However, as always, you are advised: we understand consensus as something agreeded, that is, once it's decided, it's agreeded by the whole team, not only a part of it. In the practice, that means everybody will try to convince others, but has to accept the final decision.
The best way to understand the convincement process is to think of it as a long-term set of minor steps towards the final adoption of most of each one's ideas, not actually the result of how well each one speaks.

Soon, I'll publish the first approach of the architectural design. Maybe then the ideas will be clarified, and you'll find it interesting. Let's hope so :).

Have fun till then.

Jose San Leandro